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Notice is hereby given by the respective petitioners that they have filed the following petitions. These matters will be heard at 10:00 a.m. or as soon thereafter as they may be, on the 13th day of MARCH, 2018 at AROOSTOOK COUNTY PROBATE COURT, CARIBOU SUPERIOR COURTHOUSE, 144 SWEDEN STREET, CARIBOU, MAINE. The requested actions may be taken on or after the hearing date if no sufficient objection be heard. This notice complies with the requirements of 18-A MRSA Sec. 3-403 and Probate Rule 4 that notice thereof be given to all persons interested by causing a copy of this notice to be published two weeks successively in a newspaper. Said publication will be made in Aroostook Republican and News.

2017-363 STEPHAINE LEE THERRIEN, resident of CARIBOU, ME. Petition of STEPHAINE Lee Therrien who prays the name of STEPHAINE Lee Therrien be changed to STEPHAINE LEE KLINGER,

2018-2014 MAIZLYN SKYE PARENT, minor of CARIBOU, ME. Petition of Mecca J. Picard and Scott Parent, mother and father of said Maizlyn Skye Parent, who pray the name of Maizlyn Skye Parent be changed to MAIZLYN SKYE PICARD PARENT.

2018-015 MELISSA SUE McCRUM, resident of PRESQUE ISLE, ME. Petition of Melissa Sue McCrum who prays the name of Melissa Sue McCrum be changed to MELISSA SUE MacFARLINE,

ALSO THE FOLLOWING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO DENNIS TACTIKOS, WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN, ADULT BROTHER AND HEIR OF WILLIAM JAMES TACTIKOS, LATE OF WADE, MAINE, DECEASED, AS WELL AS TO ALL OTHER INTERESTED PERSONS. An Application for Informal Probate of Will and Appointment of Personal Reprsentative (Docket No. 2017-368 has been filed by Jacqueline A. Shaw, Personal Representative. This application has been granted. If you disagree with the granting of this application you may begin a formal proceeding in this Court. This notice complies with Probate Rule 4 of the Maine Probate Code.

18-A MRSA Section 3-801

The following Personal Representatives have been appointed in the estates noted. The first publication date of this notice is February 14, 2018.

If you are a creditor of an estate listed below, you must present your claim within four months of the first publication date of this Notice to Creditors or be forever barred.

You may present your claim by filing a written statement of your claim on a proper form with the Register of Probate of this Court or by delivering or mailing to the Personal Representative listed below at the address published by his name a written statement of the claim indicating the basis therefor, the name and address of the claimant and the amount claimed or in such other manner as the law may provide. See 18-A MRSA 3-804.

2017-323 PEGGY QUIGLEY SMYTHE, late of Presque Isle Maine, deceased. Kevin Kinney, 207 Griffin Ridge Road, Mapleton, ME 04757 and Susan Smythe, 61 Euclid Avenue, Portland, ME 04103 appointed Co-Personal Representatives.

2017-327 CONRAD J. GUERETTE, late of Saint Agatha Maine, deceased. Pauline Ouellette, 59 Main Street, St. Agatha, ME 04772 appointed Personal Representative.

2017-347 ALEXIS F. COTE, late of Sinclair, Maine, deceased. Erik A Cote, 313 Calef Highway, Unit 2, Barrington, NH 03825 appointed Personal Representative.

2017-349 ARTHUR FREDERICK JIPSON, late of Presque Isle, Maine, deceased. Beth M McAfee, 63 Ruth Road, Linneus, ME 04730 and Belinda S Cofske, 1077 Hodgdon Mills Road, Linneus, ME 04730 appointed Co-Personal Representatives.

2017-352 LEONARD FRANKLIN CURTIS, late of Presque Isle, Maine, deceased. Stewart L. Curtis Sr., 37 York Street, Caribou, ME 04736 appointed Personal Representative.

2017-354 LUCY C. LOVLEY, late of Castle Hill, Maine, deceased. Beverly D. Lovley Sr., 323 Turner Road, Castle Hill, ME 04757 appointed Personal Representative.

2017-355 CLEMENT D. THIBODEAU, late of Caribou, Maine, deceased. Lynn Chamberlain Jones, 1800 Van Buren Road, Connor Twp., ME 04736 appointed Personal Representative.

2017-365 JOSEPH E. COUGHLIN, late of Presque Isle, Maine, deceased. Patrick A. Coughlin, 93 Vollmer Parkway, Rochester, NY 14623 appointed Personal Representative.

2017-366 LEO JOSEPH PLOURDE, late of Caribou, Maine, deceased. Annette Voisine, P. O. Box 271, Eagle Lake, ME 04739 and Laura Hartl, 155 Riley Mt. Road, Coventry, CT 06238 appointed Co-Personal Representatives.

2017-367 OLEAN G. MARTIN, late of Pahrump, NY, deceased. Nancy L. Burby, P. O. Box 273, Portage Lake, ME 04768 appointed Personal Representative.

2017-368 WILLIAM JAMES TACTIKOS, late of Wade, Maine, deceased. Jacqueline A. Shaw, P. O. Box 721, Presque Isle, ME 04769 appointed Personal Representative.

2017-369 VIRGINIA M. ADAMS, late of Limestone, Maine, deceased. Floyd A. Adams, 53 Church Street, Limestone, ME 04732 appointed Personal Representative.

2017-370 JOHN THOMAS NOBLE, late of Caribou, Maine, deceased. Joyce Noble, P.O. Box 188, Caribou, ME 04736 appointed Personal Representative.

2017-371 CAROL L. HOTELLING, late of Caribou, Maine, deceased. Heather L Michaud, 21 Mitchell Road, Caribou, ME 04736 appointed Personal Representative.

2018-002 JEAN C. BRAGDON, late of Limestone, Maine, deceased. Mary B. White, 26 Grimes Mill Road, Caribou, ME 04736 appointed Personal Representative.

Date: February 9, 2018 /s/ Darleen S. Guy
Darleen S. Guy
Register of Probate

Published February 14, 2018 and
February 21, 2018
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