Caribou Utilities District is investing in new water meter infrastructure. The improvements include replacing most water meters and installing separate secure radio read interface units.

What is being installed?
The District is installing Sensus iPERLĀ® smart water meters with Neptune R900 Meter Interface Units on these also utilizing current metering assets. In other locations the district is installing Neptune Ecoder I integrated meters.

When will the work occur?
The installations began in 2017 and should be completed by fall of 2018. The installations will take place by District staff going door to door or leaving a colored door tags for customers to schedule an appointment Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Meter installations:
Most water meters are located in basements with exceptions being crawlspaces or utility closets. The installation will take about 30 minutes to complete and your water will be turned off during the installation. There may be quality assurance checks by the District staff after installations.

How you can help?
Welcome and allow District employees to perform their work if they approach your home or business when they are in your service area.
Call the office to schedule an appointment if you get a yellow, pink or green door tag.
Clearing all obstructions near your meter.
Unlocking any doors or cabinets that would prevent District staff from accessing meters.
Secure pets away from meters and staff.

This advanced metering system only transmits meter reads, meter identification numbers, and diagnostic information about the meter and the meter transmission unit. The advanced metering system does not transmit any personal customer information.

Additional Information:
In the coming weeks the District will be transitioning to monthly billing. As per Caribou Utility District Terms and Conditions (http://www.cariboumaine.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/ CUD-Terms-Conditions-for-Water-Service.pdf), Section 3 Billing Procedures; the utility reserves the right to render bills monthly. The complete transition will take several months and will likely lag behind the meter upgrades by several weeks. If customers have any problems with new meter installations or questions regarding monthly billing please contact our office directly at (207) 496-0911.

The Caribou Utilities District is a quasi-municipal entity created by charter from the Maine Legislature in 1945 to provide water and wastewater services to the City of Caribou. The District is directed by a five member Board of Trustees appointed by the Caribou City Council. The District is self-financed through rates paid by its customers and maintains its own budget separate from the City. The District produces all drinking water from two gravel aquifer wells on the River Road. These sources provide high quality water for our customers. A new water treatment plant was completed in 2006 and is capable of producing up to 2 million gallons of water per day. The District also maintains 32 miles of water mains, two booster stations, four standpipes and 150 fire hydrants.
(207) 496 - 0911
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PostedMarch 07, 2018

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